Zippy Lately (May 31 – June 6, 2010)

1. Wonder Girls & 2PM!
I believe I mentioned sometime ago that Wonder Girls, the oh-so popular K-Pop girls group, officially announced that they’re headlinging their very own US tour feature special guests 2PM. Well that time is now or for me specifically this weekend! That’s right some friends, fellow contributor Erica, and I are going to be heading down to Atlanta on Saturday to catch their concert. Likewise, since we opted for the VIP tickets, we’ll get to meet the Wonder Girls, have a photo opportunity, and even get a special gift. As much as I’m dreading the trip itself, because Atlanta’s traffic is a mess, I cannot wait for the concert and pre-concert activities to begin. I’m not sure what sort of rules they’ll have for taking photos or not in the concert, but I’ll try and have some photos, and most certainly Erica and I will have a write-up for everyone about our experiences.
2. The Tokyo Tower Show!

While I list my DJ work on my bio, I certainly don’t mention much about the show that The Cay and I put on every week a la Tokyo Tower. Perhaps this is because while I may give attention to the content for each show, I do not give nearly enough time to crafting the show as a whole. While I cannot say this definitively, I am going to do my best right now to change that. The catalyst for my forthcoming actions is the relocation and renovation of the WAWL studio (part of Chattanooga State’s campus). What I have in mind specifically is also sort of vague, but for sure I want to find better hosting for the podcast version of our show. Likewise, I’d love to start doing live interviews, in addendum to the many interviews we are able to get at conventions. Aside from that I’m certainly open to ideas, because it’s time to spruce up Tokyo Tower! (Stream us every Wed. from 9-11PM Eastern Time via

3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

While I’m sure one of us will give a more in-depth review of the film, I wanted to mention that a) I saw the movie and b) I very well enjoyed the film. While certain parts of the movie certainly play to the crowd who has at least played or seen the game played, I feel for an action film it can be appreciated by an outside audience as well. My only major complaint that really came to mind was what seemed to be an overabundance of slow-motion shots. The movie started by using these to great effect, highlighting some of the same moves used in the games, but then the movie kept using these in many additional scenes. I could continue on, but I think I’ll let our future review speak for itself.


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