My Dream Convention… *SQUEE!*

Ok, so it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these things but I think I can still do it!  This edition is going to be my “Dream Convention” squee!  I’ll outline my favorite convention and explain why…hilarity is sure to ensue!  Read on and let me know if you agree with my choices! 😉

Ok, first off I will start with THE MAN POWER!  I first saw them at Persacon 2009 and was completely enamored!  These guys are an amazing local group of out Nashville, TN and play songs based on comic books, anime, video games, and JACKIE CHAN!  They’re super sexy, super talented, and it wouldn’t be a convention without one of their concerts!  Plus, they signed my laptop!  How freaking cool is THAT?!  That is one of the many reasons why I love this band!  Their new full length cd comes out in August and all of you should go pick it up!  You can thank me for it later 😉

Next up is another con circuit band that I really love: Electric Attitude!  I also saw them at Persacon 2009 and had a great time at their concert. They’re from Dallas, Texas and they have more of a bluesy rock sound, and put on an incredible live show!  Seeing them and The Man Power back to back at Persacon last year was almost too much for this poor little fangirl to bear!  Hehehe…but seriously, their band rocks and their lead singer is also a voice actor!  Blake Shepard to be exact!  You may know his voice from such anime as Air Gear, Detective Loki, or Tactics!  The band was also super nice; I chatted with them a lot at their merch table and loved every minute of it!  I also highly recommend their live show to anyone that has a chance to see, it’s phenomenal!

Ok, now I’m going to switch it up just a little with some voice actors:

Travis Willingham – The man the myth the legend!  I first met him at AWA 2008, and was completely taken!   He is incredibly nice, super hot, and lots of fun at a panel!  He is great with his fans, and definitely knows how to have fun wherever he happens to be.  He made my first AWA incredibly memorable, and did the same at this year’s JAMPcon!  Plus, he signed my laptop too!  EEEEEEE!  I love that he does voice acting, trains for triathlons and STILL has time to go to cons and meet his fans!  I look forward to seeing him at AWA later this year!

Troy Baker, yet another smoking hot voice actor!  I got to meet him last year at AWA and he was such a doll!  Very sweet and funny, much like Travis.  Come to think of it…maybe that’s why I like him so much XD  He’s usually known for voice acting in such anime as Trinity Blood, Darker Than Black and Beck but did you know that he was actually in a band before he became a popular voice actor?  Pretty awesome, right?!  The band is called Tripp Fontaine and they released a cd called Random Thoughts on a Paper Napkin in 2003.  You should definitely give it a listen, their song “Burning Out” actually got some radio play when the album was released.  He’s currently in another band called Sons of Lawless, which is also a great band to check out!  Go Troy!  Such the multitasker!

I love ALL of these people, and think they make a great addition to any convention guest list!  I am hoping  that one day, someone somewhere can bring them all together under one convention roof for me to enjoy!  I would probably phase myself out of existence…


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