Zippy Lately (May 24 – May 30, 2010)

1. Post-JAMPcon ’10

In my otakudom thus far I’ve gone to many cons; however, until this year I’d never volunteered or staffed a con. ConNooga was my first introduction as I ran their anime track, which went quite smoothly thanks to many wonderful volunteers and panelists. My greatest challenge however was to be the 3rd in command at JAMPcon, where I had significant duties planning, running, and sustaining the convention. While I’ll go into much more depth with my con report, let me just say that I have never felt more exhausted in my life. I slept for 10 hours the Sunday of the con immediately after I went home, and I plan on doing that again until I regain my strength and composure. All in all though I had a marvelous time and I only wish that I’d have done even better, so as to make everyone have a perfect time instead of hopefully a great time at JAMPcon.

2. American Season Finales

While this may seem like an odd blog to discuss American TV, I feel that my J-Drama love has actually rekindled the appreciate for American TV I once had as a youth. While I still prefer the J-Drama formula, where shows are crafted for entertainment and not just to pull in another season’s worth of money, I have found much to love this season. My four favorite shows that recently ended their seasons are, in no particular order: Bones, Castle, Community, and Fringe. Both Bones and Castle, the former admittedly more serious, play to my love of crime dramas. Community plays to both my many years in education and my love for all things zany. While Fringe plays to my love for X-Files, which successfully blended the strange with ‘crimes’. While Bones, Castle, and Community had similar season endings (the kind that generally make me prefer J-Dramas), Fringe really tugged on me emotionally and succeeded in truly impressing me. To be fair if you’ve been watching the show then you may see this coming, especially about 10 minutes prior to the end; however, the end still managed to capture my attention and really make me want to watch the next season immediately. Of course I will not be able too till it comes out, but still I must applaud Fringe for ending this season fantastically.

3. Cosplay in America

I know I’ve discussed L.A. photographer Ejen Chuang’s “Cosplay in America” book before; however, that was before you could purchase it. Now on his website you can pre-order the book for an early June shipping date! If you haven’t heard anything about this project before last year in 2009 Ejen toured the US and stopped at a number of cons, including AWA near to me, and took tons of photographs of cosplayers. Now he’s compiled this book for both English speaking and Japanese speaking audiences to see what American cosplay is all about. Even if you’re an otaku who doesn’t cosplay you can appreciate the awesomeness of this book. If you do cosplay well you pretty much have to buy it. Want to check out some examples of his photography (aside from just my friend Jesus-Link)? Then check out his Flickr account,,  where he’s posted his web only releases which give just a sample of how amazing his photography truly is.


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