Review: Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance (iPhone Apps.)

(Currently only on iTunes JP)

Japan may not have gravitated to the iPhone as quickly or with the same zeal that other countries have; nevertheless, Japanese app. makers have taken iPhone application development to another level of cool and zany! This particular set of apps., developed by Yahoo Japan Corp., are being released in support of the Evangelion films. While these apps. have limited functionality , what they lack in capability they make up for in creativity and design. I think this screen shot will give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

As you can see we’re talking about 12 different apps. that, when properly placed in order, form four of the main characters of Evangelion 2.22. To be fair this isn’t the first time that Yahoo Japan Corp. has produced multiple apps. meant to be pieced together as a puzzle. Instead, just a few months prior Yahoo Japan Corps. created 16 apps. just so iPhone users could fill a whole screen with that loveable robotic cat Doraemon!

However, while Doraemon gets a lot of love in Japan, he is relatively unknown in America. Evangelion on the other hand was a gateway anime for many otaku in the 90’s, so I feel these apps. may be more approachable to the average American otaku.

Now while being able to show your friends what four Eva characters look like on your phone (or 3 if you just want the girls) is certainly pretty fun, you probably want to know what you can actually do with these apps. The short and simple answer is not much. Their main goal is promotional after all, so out of the three links each app. gives you one leads back to the iTunes Store and another leads you to the Yahoo Japan store, where you can order (or pre-order currently) a copy of Evangelion 2.22 on Blu-Ray or DVD. The only real fun comes from your third choice, which is on the right and marked by up and down arrows).

If you have clicked one of the characters heads then you will have the opportunity to take a picture with that character as an overlay on the shot, like so. Click on the button on the bottom right after snapping the shot and the picture is saved to your iPhone.

If you click on their torso then you get the chance to peruse some promo shots for the movie. As was the case above, if you choose a different character then you look at a different character in the shots, and a matching Eva unit as well.

Last but not least if you touch the character’s nether regions then you are greeted with an Eva Condition clock, which displays the current time, as set on your iPhone, in military time. Following suit with the apps. above if you touch a character’s nether regions then you see that character displayed behind the clock. If you click the onscreen button at the bottom right while looking at the clock you actually get to another screen where you can set an alarm using the clock.  You’re even given three different sounds from Eva to choose from, which also alternate depending on which character you chose.

All in all I have found these apps. quite amusing. Of course,for an application I would generally prefer more functionality; however, these apps. are free and promotional, so I didn’t expect too much from the beginning. If you’re a fan of Eva, and have access to the Japanese iTunes store, then I would totally recommend checking these apps. out. If you’re having trouble finding them search for Yahoo Japan Corp. and they all should appear. Do you have an iPhone and want the apps. but don’t have an iTunes Japan account? If so, then I’d recommend getting one of J-List’s iTunes card, because even after you’ve spent all the yen on the card the account will remain and you can download free Japanese apps. to your heart’s content.


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  1. Having the icons arranged in such a way to create a larger image is soooo cool. The only problem is now I need to write a whole bunch of apps in order to achieve the same effect. I'd like to create enough apps to fill the screen with one character……lots of work to do. Thanks for this post….

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