Review: Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Guest Writer: Thom

This three episode anime from Geneon is a bit of a mindbender. Beautiful artwork entwined with a massively hard to follow plotline made me really question whether I was enjoying the anime, or just in awe at the pretty artwork. The English dubbing that I watched was well done. I didn’t notice any bad lip flaps or voices that didn’t fit the characters.  The artwork was everything you might expect from an anime with a French title yet it keeps a good balance of modern anime artstyle so not to scare away the men in the audience. In fact there is enough blood and gore in this title to slightly appease the horror fans out there. Clean lines and the attention to detail in the art really set the stage for the story.

The story in short gives us a timid boy named Eiri who is running an antique store and he’s got a little trouble getting the ladies, so his friends are constantly trying to get him to go on dates and to ‘single parties’ to meet someone. In a fateful turn of events his uncle, (who travels the world sending back cheap antiques that he orders Eiri to sell at a ridiculously high markup) ships him an old chest from a French estate sale. Within the chest Eiri discover a lovely glass which upon gazing into, Eiri discovers he can see into a seemingly magical world that contains the life and soul of a young girl named Cossette. Eiri instantly falls in love with her, she devours his soul, makes him take the heat for her murderous sins, and so begins the short lived tale of Le Portrait de Petit Cossette (Which should really be Le Portrait de la Petit Cossette, but that’s what happens when someone who speaks English translates anything…).

This was interesting and short enough for me to recommend it to anyone that likes cute, yet dark stories about little French girls or ghost stories. I enjoy a story now and then that you can sit down and watch for a hour or two and be done with. So often in anime and manga we get so wrapped up in the next epic story, that we forget sometimes to enjoy those that don’t take up half our life.  I think next I may check out the two volume manga series that was put out by Tokyopop in 2004.


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