Review: Iron Man 2 (Movie)

Ok, so this is a little out of character for me, but I really wanted to do a movie review.  Now I want you to ask yourself, what could possibly be better than Iron Man?  Iron Man 2, that’s what!  New characters, more action, pretty graphics–what more could you want?!  (Well… besides maybe more scenes with Tony Stark without a shirt on…but I digress XD).      
I have to say; when I saw the first previews for this movie I was super excited for two reasons:  One, the graphics looked AMAZING.  Lots of pretty explosions and lots of blue shiny lights!  Ooh!  Ahem…sorry, hehe…

Reason number two (arguably the BEST reason) was Scarlett Johansson, who played Natalie Rushman.  I have loved her since I saw Girl with a Pearl Earring, and even more in The Other Boleyn Girl.  And let’s face it, she’s gorgeous.  So putting her in a movie next to Robert Downey Jr. was just genius, PURE genius.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the performances of the other new characters, such as Mickey Rourke’s character Ivan Vanko and Sam Rockwell’s character Justin Hammer.  They both did wonderful jobs, and it reminded me of how much I loved Mickey Rourke in Sin City.  I didn’t know Sam Rockwell much, but this movie really made me more interested in him!

I think my favorite thing overall about the movie was Tony Stark’s humor.  His witty comebacks were all hilarious and well timed and really made his character enjoyable.  I also loved the on screen interaction between Tony and Pepper Potts.  It’s just the cutest thing, they argue like an old married couple!  So if you’re thinking of catching Iron Man 2 in theatres, I have three words for you: Go. See. It.

I give it 4 arc reactors out of 5.



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