Zippy Lately (April 26 – May 2, 2010)

1. MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Convention)

I’m fortunate that within a 3 to 4 hour driving distance from my home that I have a plethora of anime conventions to attend, many of which have just popped up in the past year. While I’m truly grateful for that I haven’t forgotten my roots, so when I see a long-standing convention such as MTAC nearing on my calendar I get an added happiness that comes with years of great MTAC memories. For those who don’t know, MTAC is located in Nashville, TN and is celebrating its 10th year. Every year there is a theme, and this year’s theme is odyssey, specifically relating to space. What makes this year’s MTAC all the more special is that the staff has decided to bring back a guest from every year that they’ve been around, many being fan favorites, such as Vic Mignona, Travis Willingham, Spike Spencer, just to name a few. I’ll have my camera in tow, my writing hand at the ready, and hopefully the opportunity to grab some interviews, all so that we can have a very special post-con report for all of our BBAMAJAM readership.

2. Oh My Otaku…

Back when was first conceived, one of our many talented friends volunteered to do a webcomic for the website. Well after some months gone by we can now unveil the webcomic aptly titled Oh My Otaku…! The premise centers around the real personalities behind this site and likewise behind the BBAMAJAM club. While fiction will certainly outgrow fact you’ll start by getting a mix of our true selves and then gradually (ok maybe immediately) our exagerrated selves will take over. Anyways we certainly hope you enjoy the webcomic, and we’ll be posted a new comic every Wednesday so by all means please follow along for the zany-ness sure to ensue.


3. J-Drama Spring 2010 / Twitter J-Drama

To say this is more of a preview of a preview would be an understatement, because in fact this is not a full fledged introduction to the J-Drama lineup for Spring. Instead, I wanted to mention first that Phantom Dark and I will be giving a full preview in the next week or two, but for now I just wanted to briefly mention a show that has been on my radar. That show is  Sunao ni Narenakute aka “Hard To Say I Love You”. This show is notable to me mainly because it’s about a group of people who meet on Twitter and how their lives are shaped by knowing each other. Having the lead male from VOICE and one of the leads from BOSS, two J-dramas I really enjoyed, certainly piqued my interest as well since I like to follow actors and actresses I like across shows. What has really drawn even more interest to this show is the fact that TVXQ’s Jae Joong plays one of the main characters on the show. TVXQ is easily one of the most popular K-Pop artists perhaps ever in Japan and across the world, so just Jae Joong’s inclusion is sure to help ratings. While I won’t go into more detail at present, I feel this is definitely a show that I’ll be watching this season. Of course, look for the J-Drama Spring 2010 Preview soon, where I’ll go into a little more detail about the J-Dramas coming out now.


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