(Music) If You Like:

Based off of a series of panels that Nick and I hosted at ConNooga, the concept of the If You Like series is to introduce people into a subject/genre based on similar things that they may already like. For instance, if you like Firefly you may like Cowboy Bebop because they’re both set in space, they have cool male leads, and exciting action. I plan on developing this into a series of posts that I, and perhaps my fellow BBAMAJAM writers, will post every now and then to help spread fandom across mediums and across genres.

I’ll kick off the series first by matching American songs/artists with Asian songs/artists.

1. If You Like: Linkin Park – You May Like: Back On’s “New World

Both bands have a similar make-up, since their two vocalists both consist of a screamer and a rapper. Moreover, many of Linkin Park’s early songs, especially “In The End” and “Faint”, have really the exact same formula for the interplay between rap and scream, and this is the same form used in “New World”. While Back-On’s catalogue diverges more often from the “New World”/Linkin Park formula, this style is by no means atypical for the group, as Back-On’s major hit “Chain” demonstrates.

2. If You Like: Sheryl Crow – You May Like: Love Pyschedelico

From lyrics to vocals to arrangements these artists resemble each other in so many ways! Even the feeling one gets from listening to a Sheryl Crow song is similar to the feeling one gets when listening to Love Pyschedelico’s tracks. Plus the fact that Love Pyschedelico predominantly uses English in her songs helps the comparison and the transition between artists. Oh and I must mention that Kumi, lead vocalist for Love Pyschedelico, mentions Sheryl Crow as an influence, thus just furthering the similarities in style.

3. If You Like: Blink-182 – You May Like: Ellegarden

Both acts started out young, indie, infectious, with an ability to mix youth issues with pop punk rhythms. Additionally, the leader singer of Ellegarden spent a long time working and living in Southern California, so he even shares Blink’s accent. Likewise, much like Love Pyschedelico, many if not most of Ellegarden’s tracks are sung in English. Moreover, while not mentioned outright by the band, I think it’d be hard to deny that Ellegarden found substantial influence from Blink-182.


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  1. I’ve got to thank the Gaijin Kanpai podcast (http://www.gaijinkanpai.com/) for introducing me to Love Pyschedelico and for pointing out the not so subtle Sheryl Crow connection. She has a lot of her songs on iTunes if you want to check out more of her work.

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