Review: Davichi – Davichi In Wonderland

Hello again to all you faithful readers!

I know it’s been awhile, but this entry I will be talking about a slightly different subject: Korean pop music.  Specifically, a relatively new Korean girl group called Davichi.  I came across their mini album a few weeks ago while trying to find some new J-Pop and K-Pop music for my collection and immediately fell in love with the cute album art, and catchy pop tunes.  Davichi debuted in 2008, and have recorded with some of my other favorite Korean Pop girl groups, such as the Wonder Girls and T-ara.  Since they aren’t very well known in the states I wanted to do a quick review of their mini album, Davichi In Wonderland!

My immediate favorite was a song called “Crazy Woman.”  Funnily enough, the initial thing that drew me to this particular song was the title because my friends tease me about being crazy all the time.  The first time I heard the song I interpreted it without lyrics to be a song about a jealous woman, hence “Crazy Woman.”  However, the song is actually much more dramatic and is about a romance turned to unrequited love…hmmm, as a good friend once said, “Sometimes ignorance is bliss.”  Even though the song turned out to be slightly sadder than I originally thought, it was still very well done with strong vocals and beautiful backing music. 

Coming in at a VERY close second is a song called “8282,” which when said together quickly sounds like the Korean word for “Hurry.”  Pretty cool huh?!  I found it very interesting that this song used a very slow ballad type melody for the verses, and then jumped to a fast pop beat for the chorus that made you wanna get up and dance!  I also liked the sporadic use of English words which helped a little with the initial interpretation of the song.  This song was definitely much more uplifting than “Crazy Woman,” and is about someone expressing their love and hopes of having it returned.  It also has a very touching and heartfelt video that goes with it, which made me love it that much more. 

My first two favorites were very easy to pick out, however it became gradually harder to choose the more I listened to the album.  All of the songs had their own charm and story to tell, which made it really hard to pick just one…but eventually I chose “My Man,” which in my opinion is probably the most fun song on the album.  It’s a very tongue-in-cheek song about being in love with someone you once couldn’t stand, but being happy that it worked out after all.  It has a very upbeat, fast rhythm and a chorus that makes you want to sing along. 

All in all, the album was infectious and fun with amazing harmonies and great stories (once you translated the songs, that is).  I will also reinerate that the album cover really did grab my attention initially because it just screamed girly girl!

I give this one a 4 out of 5 pink girly hearts! ^_^


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