American Webcomics: Part I

Having been around the Interwebs for quite a while now, I have run into quite a few webcomics.  And being a comics fan, I naturally try to give them all a fair shot.  I have run into quite a few that I absolutely love in my long years here in the Internets.

First up is one of the first webcomics I ever started reading.  User Friendly, written and drawn by a man named Illiad, and this Gem has been around since 1997.  That’s a long time in Internet years.  It’s about a group of tech support and other staff at an Internet Service provider.  This comic is very witty and hysterical, but a lot of it rings quite true, especially now that I have a job in tech support.

Here is a nice little link to the first cartoon, and it only gets better from here.  It’s also fun to watch him grow as an artist, and see his work get better and better.  The characters are all drawn very well and each has a fully unique feel.  Enjoy.

Another perennial favorite of mine is xkcd written by Randall Munroe, probably one of the geekiest cartoons on the internet.  There are quite a few even I don’t get.  As he describes it on the site, “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.”  He is a very smart cookie to say the least.

This is another strip that is fun to watch the artist grow and change.  Most of the characters are stick figures, but this takes nothing away from them.  And to me it tends to generalize the situations they end up in and allow you to picture you or someone you know as the characters.

Up next is something a little more recent written by one of my favorite comics authors, Warren Ellis, and drawn by the talented Paul Duffield.  It is called Freakangels, and it is brilliantly fun.  It is a story of twelve children born in England at the same time, and the end of the world.  This comic has a great post-apocalyptic, steampunk feel to it.  Paul Duffield’s art is very interesting and solid.  The characters are all very unique and feel very real.  I have probably written about Warren Ellis’ writing to much in my life.  He is smart and very sharp.  His story telling in this particular comic is kind of slow, but the detail and characterization are incredible.

From the first panel:

Please leave any suggestions for more online reading in the comments and I will check them out.


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