Zippy Lately (April 12 – April 18, 2010)

1. Cosplay in America

I featured cosplay pictures last week that I took, but this week it’s time to hand the reigns over to a professional. In this case, the professional is Ejen Chuang photographer who is compiling his year long effort to snap photos of Cosplayers across the US back in 2009 in his upcoming book Cosplay in America. Ejen has taken great advantage of social media to promote the book, especially via YouTube where Ejen has allowed fans into his life and the book’s creation via his video blogs. While we still have to wait for the book’s release (here in the next couple months), you can check out some of his pictures via his Flickr page and his YouTube channel. I certainly cannot wait for the books release.

2. UVERworld – “Last”

Even if you’re strictly an anime fan, and not yet made the jump into J-Rock & J-Music, you should still recognize UVERworld from their Bleach OP and D-Gray Man OP songs. While they haven’t yet performed in the US, they have a number of albums and a reputation for crafty delightfully entertaining songs. Frankly they are one of my favorite J-artists, so when I heard they were releasing a new album ‘Last’, well I was ecstatic! I’ve only just picked up this album but if it’s anything like their previous work I have no doubt it’ll be a solid release.

3. Miyavi / Wonder Girls (& 2PM)

Looks like the US is going to feel the Asian wave this summer, what with numerous acts such as Miyavi, Wonder Girls, 2PM heading out on an American tour! For Miyavi, as US fans know, the original concert tour was cancelled due to health issues, passport issues, and really so many things. Therefore, while not so surprising to hear, this is a welcome return for a full length tour that should have been. For the lovely Wonder Girls (K-Pop), they too are no strangers to the US, thanks to some English single releases and their tour with the Jonas Brothers. This time though instead of being the opening act, the Wonder Girls are getting their own tour, and bringing along with them the popular Korean boy band 2PM. Both Miyavi and the Wonder Girls’ shows are great treats for fans here, and thankfully I and fellow contributor Erica will be able to attend both. I believe tickets are still available so if they’re heading to a city near you by all means take advantage of this opportunity!


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