I love the internet! Thanks to the internet, and some heads up by J1FM’s Michi, I was able to see BENNIE BECCA for their first live concert on UStream! BENNIE BECCA, in case you don’t know, is the collaboration between j-artist Bennie K and American artist Becca, who’s had a number of singles in Japan.

While I didn’t catch the whole show I got to hear them do a couple tracks, including a cameo by Monkey Majik. Likewise, we got to see Bennie K nervously crowd surf, which was humorous. Last of all, BENNIE BECCA for their last song played their 1st single “Dreamer” which was quite spectacular. Even though we were separated by many miles and a monitor I could completely feel the energy of BENNIE BECCA’s performance. So much so that I too was almost as sad as the concert goers when they said last song.

Even though it was for only a short while, that was an awesome chance to see an awesome artist truly live! Thankfully I think this is a phenomenon that’s spreading, or so @jpoplover indicates with a recent twitter post – “BUMP OF CHICKEN on Ustream – natalie TV starts 21:30 14th April (+9:00 Tokyo Time)”



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