Zippy Lately (April 5 – April 11, 2010)

1. Cosplay!

One of the most significant components of American fandom especially is the cosplay! From what I’ve been told from friends in Japan, while cosplay is certainly present only the best of the best cosplay. Over here, for better or worse, we have equal opportunity cosplay possibilities. While I myself don’t really cosplay (at least at cons), I love taking pictures of folks in cosplays. This past weekened thanks to our club’s “Bloom in the Park” I was able to take many cosplay pictures, and this weekend with Atlanta Anime Day I may be able to do that two weekends in a row! (Click here to see pics from “Bloom in the Park”)

2. “Run Devil Run

So often now with these K-Pop songs
I’m introduced to they just get ingrained in my head and I just have to listen to them. SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” is such a song. While originally written for Ke$ha, and recorded as a demo, she passed on it and SNSD grabbed it and made it their own. While I think both versions are equally entertaining, the quality difference between full product and demo is pretty obvious. Plus, without SNSD’s version we wouldn’t have all the crazy dance moves K-Pop stars bring out with every single!

3. Disney Rocks! & House Disney Electro Parade

So it seems that Disney music, occasionally covered by Japanese artists, is getting full treatment of late. With the release of two albums, Disney Rocks! and House Disney Electro Parade (HDEP), both rock artists and techno-pop/DJs are taking on the songs and making them in their own style. My favorite track so far from either album is Oceanlane’s “Beauty and the Beast”. I probably haven’t let HDEP sink in fully yet but I’m sure they’ll be one or maybe more standout tracks from that release too. If you like Disney though you should definitely check them out.


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