Zippy Lately (March 29 – April 4, 2010)

1. Sgt. Frog

I know last year Funimation made a big deal about the release of Sgt. Frog, debuting at said convention. Silly me I listened but apparently their words didn’t make it too far into my head. Apparently I also missed out (till now) on one of the most absurd wacky comedies anime may ever produce! My friends recently picked up Sgt. Frog, and since then I’ve begun watching along, sharing the comedic moments, reciting favorite one liners, and chuckling at the Gundam references which frankly most of us don’t understand as well as we should.  If you are not watching Sgt. Frog, watch the first three episodes and I bet you’ll start wanting to see more.

2. FUNiCon 3.0

FUNiCon 3.0, much like 1.0 & 2.0, is FUNimation’s successful attempt at creating a mini-web ‘convention’. Perhaps it’s best described as a hijinx filled press conference, but with the mix of humorous hosts, VIP guests, release info, Q&A’s, and so much more I guess it really does fit the convention mold. Anyways this will be going on March 29th 6PM CDT, so on the slim chance you see this by then you should totally tune in via

I will attempt to “live blog” my way through FUNiCon 3.0, so even if you do miss it I’ll have a recap post for you. ^_^

3. Domo-kun

Domo-kun has swept Japan, 4chan, and lately the US market. Starting with Target’s embracing of Domo as a mascot, I’ve since discovered Domo themed games in Toys-R-Us. While the age level for these games is fitting of probably Domo’s key audience, children, I still really really want to get one of these Domo games and play it! I can’t promise I will anytime soon but I promise a full report when I do.


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