Zippy Lately (March 22 – March 28, 2010)

Miss me last week? I guess even writers have to enjoy a week off every now and then. Now it’s back to work!

1. Odoru Daisousasen Special

For those who may not know much about J-dramas, let me first say that specials are basically TV films that follow the end of a series, sometimes years after (in real life and in the story). Odoru Daisousasen was a TV show that achieved epic ratings in Japan, so not only does the show have 2 TV specials but it also has 3 films as well.

Just a brief intro to the loose story of the TV show and specials, we are quickly introduced to a Tokyo police station filled with buearcracy and disinterested officers. That is until Aoshima Shunsaku arrives. Aoshima is a former computer salesmen who uses his genial personality and his stubborn determination to catch criminals. Not burdened by the old customs, Aoshima helps gradually turn the police station around.

That being said I’ve been told that this particular special I’m watching, which I believe is the Year End special, has basically all the quirks, laughs, and endearing moments the TV show had. Therefore, knowing how much I loved the TV show, I can only imagine this will meet my expectations as well.

2. Daikon Stream

If you love anime and don’t want to pay for it, but still want to be legal, then I sure hope you’ve realized how many great opportunities companies such as Viz Media,, and Funimation have presented you to do just that. I watched Blassreiter last week on Hulu, and I’ve been watching FMA: Brotherhood courtesy of Funimation. Now I don’t know what show I’ll watch next, but I cannot emphasize enough all the great options present!

From time to time in this section I might recommend titles to watch that can be found in such a legal manner. That trend starts now with the release of Nerima Daikon Bros., a hilarious, albeit crude musical anime made by the creator of Excel Saga. If you’re 16+ and love comedy then you have to watch this show! To watch the first 2 episodes dubbed (the best way to see this show, trust me) just go to

3. Bleach Live Action Film?!?

If you frequent any of the news sources for otaku, ANN, Otaku USA, podcasts & fellow bloggers, etc. you’ve probably often heard about various Hollywood film companies licensing the rights for various anime and manga. You’ve probably also come to realize that very few of those productions ever seem to go anywhere (live action Evangeleon anyone?) However, as speculative as I am that this will really come together, the announcement that Bleach might be turned into a live-action film production has my interest piqued.

Why? Well it lets my imagination run wild with possibilities! Who will play who? How will they create Hollows? What will the story be like? All kinds of questions that lead to strange, and most often false, hypotheses. It’s all in good fun though! For my money, I’d probably say the Hollows would be CGI (post-Avatar what won’t be?) Likewise, I think seeing Brendan Fraser as Ichigo’s dad might actually work well, albeit it’s more of a bit part. Zac Efron will probably be pitched the part of Ichigo, because Hollywood seems to think that just because you like manga and you’re young means you are fit for every male role based off of a manga. Lastly I predict Orihime will be played by a younger clone of Pamela Anderson.

What do you think the Bleach live action film would be like?



  1. I thought of what it would be like to see a Hollywood produced Bleach movie. Simply, I thought that it wouldn’t turn out right… I’m going to keep thinking that from now on. 😐

  2. The problem is you’re probably right. Dragonball’s live action film is a great example of that. Now I thought that one was going to be so horrible it ended up being more entertaining to me, so maybe if I downplay this one then I might end up liking it more.

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