Second Chances in Eorzea

Guest Writer: Sanjo-chan

Playing MMORPGs for about 6 years, I’ve looked back on how I spent my time playing each game that I put my time and effort (and the money I could have used to buy Anime DVDs) into to build a character that I won’t ever have to juggle with just for getting a level or trying to find a scrap of Gold…or in this case, Gil.

Being a veteran of Final Fantasy XI, I look back at the good times and bad times I’ve endured on the Remora server. I suppose everyone has a story of when they first set foot into a online game for the first time, they encountered an unfortunate event where a player “slaps” them for no reason at all, the time when they were bid farewell with an “FU” because you were short on time to stay with the group, or they were kicked from a Linkshell (or a “guild” in some games) for violating the “Bro Code” for not staying in the LS at all times—though you can be in more than one Linkshell at any time.

In the case of FFXI, I couldn’t help but think that I was not suppose to play it—and the fact that everyone else had to put up with its difficulty, scaring the curious away with their ‘leet, epic knowledge—and when they’re new to the game as a Tarutaru Monk without a subjob. But I did play it anyway. Heck, in the end I had a Level 45-ish Red Mage (with the weapon Artifact in tow), a 30 Black Mage, a 24 White Mage, a 19 Summoner, and a 12 Warrior. I still had a lot of fun participating in Expeditionaries and Garrisons. Not bad for someone who played the game for almost 2 years, with breaks in between.

I retired from Final Fantasy XI in 2006 after moving. But I promised myself that I would give it one last try before the end of the year, around October… only to find myself not getting invites for experience points after an hour of waiting. A while back, the difficulty of finding a group was “fixed” when a Linkshell spent nearly 20 hours (literally) fighting a boss. And this was two years after I quit playing. How convenient.

When Square-Enix introduced the Level Sync feature, making it easier for lower level players to gain EXP (experience points) with high levelers in a group, “syncing” them to the low levelers, it made me angry: how come Square didn’t do this earlier? The same goes for the Character Transfer Service for transferring characters to other servers. I could have used this to get off of Remora if I had known that I was going to get treated with the lack of respect from other players. (Then again, I would have missed out on meeting the few people that I admire for sticking with me until the very end.)

Now that Final Fantasy XIV, the second MMORPG in the Final Fantasy series will be released later in 2010, I hope that Square-Enix corrects their mistakes from FFXI. And if there is a problem with leveling, I’m sure they will be quick to fix them right away before they lose a portion of their player base… or before another day-long boss fight ensues.

There is a lot of speculation that the gameplay will be similar to World of Warcraft, which seems to be a turn off for long-time FFXI players, but to myself as well. I’m hoping the leveling will be easier than FFXI and harder than WoW; somewhere in between.

I am glad they kept the races the same in appearance… the new names, like the Miqo’te I plan on playing as, will be simply called “Mithra” until I become familiar with the names. As for everything else, it will be a new experience. I think of it as starting over again, except that I won’t be in Vana’diel anymore…

As I’ve said before, I had fun playing Final Fantasy XI. I made new friends, gained knowledge of MMORPGs in general, and playing FFXI inspired me to create a blog just for my adventures in Vana’diel that would eventually become an Otaku Blog. I wonder what will the world of Eorzea have in store for this exiled Mithra blogger?


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