J-Rock band F.size.free returns to solo origins

F.size.free, an up and coming 2-piece J-rock group, has now become a solo act as bassist Naoki withdraws suddenly from the band. Eiji, the founder of F.size.free, announced this information March 16th via the bands official MySpace and Facebook pages. In Eiji’s statement, he says he “made up his mind to continue F.size.free”. While admitting “future activity may be difficult”, Eiji said he’ll keep on and that “F.size.free [will] evolve as much as possible”.

F.size.free originally began as a solo project in 2002. After adding two new members Naoki (bass) and Kayo (drums), the band released an album in 2004 titled “Righty Right” on the underground label “AARON FIELD”. That same year, Kayo left the band, leaving Naoiki and Eiji as the two remaining members. After some success in Japan, due to the inclusion of their song “Charisma” on the “Pop’n Music” game soundtrack, Eiji worked predominantly on other musical projects until 2008 when Eiji and the band took their music to the internet.

Beginning with MySpace, F.size.free has developed a strong online presence, leading to many new opportunities for the band, culminating in a concert at J-Culture Con, a British anime convention. Since that time the band has released two EPs via iTunes US & JP, with their latest EP, “Crystal Boy”, released on March 15th. The also band recently released a music video for their song “Show Time!” via their official YouTube channel. F.size.free is scheduled to perform June 4th at Anime Kaigi, an anime convention located in Flagstaff, Arizona.


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