Zippy Lately (March 1 – March 7, 2010)

1. Fables

When my fellow columnist Noodle really helped push me into the comic world he recommended me two series: Y the Last Man & Fables. The former is already completed so I was able to finish it very quickly, but the latter, Fables, is an ongoing story that truly has developed an epic-ness of its own. Fables is centered around the world of Fairy Tales, and the story begins with a mass expulsion of fairy tales from their homeland, i.e. Shrek. However, instead of eviction notices, many of these fairy tales were met violence with death, and instead of a short, albeit shrewd anti-prince figure, the antagonist here is a horde of goblin armies with a mysterious figure at the helm. Fables for me is a perfect blending of the familiar and the fantastic, and with Vol. 10 & 11 in my hands now you can be certain much of my time will be devoted to it this week.

2. Plagiarism

First of all, no I am not planning to spend my week plagiarizing. Instead I am merely sharing my fellow blogger’s, specifically anime bloggers, interest in the issue due to the recent issue of  Nick Simmons’ perceived plagiarism of Bleach and other manga. If you haven’t heard yet what’s going on yet then check out the ANN story first and this blog post from which has even more relevant pictures. As a writer and longtime aficionado of journalism I would like to emphasize that while Nick isn’t the only one who’s ever been writ for plagiarism, that his case brings to light what will continue to be an ugly issue.

3. Blu-Ray

I’ve now had a Blu-Ray player for 2 months and in that time I have only checked out two titles on Blu-Ray. Both of those have been American live-action films. With the addition of several Blu-Ray titles to Funimation’s releases though, I now see fit to hopefully watch and buy several of these titles and see what the hype is really all about. I loved the look of the live-action films but I just don’t know how anime will really be changed by Blu-Ray? Anyways I’m willing to find out and now it’s just a matter of me picking up a title and watching it. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


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