Zippy Lately (Feb. 22 – Feb. 28, 2010)

1. Olympics

Nothing brings the world together quite like the Olympics! While the summer Olympics are perhaps the more popular ones, my favorite has always been the winter Olympics. Perhaps this is just because I find swimming and track & field events so boring, but I like to think it’s also due to my fascination with a specific winter sport – curling. Curling is simple to understand, easy to watch, and while I likely never will Curling seems like a sport I’d enjoy playing. Anyways whatever country your from, and whomever you’re rooting for, I’m glad together we can share in something as unique and spectacular as the Olympics. (Above picture from Japan Times)

2. Soul Eater

Thanks to ConNooga I got two strong doses of Soul Eater awesomeness that make me really want to finish the show now! The first was the chance to watch Soul Eater eps. 1 & 2 with the English dub. The second was when I saw a really awesome Soul Eater AMV entered into ConNooga’s AMV contest. Now I see that, courtesy of Funimation, has Soul Eater episodes which I can stream. Oh yeah my free time now will partly be devoted to finish the show.

3. Anime Figures

While my friend, and frequent BBAMAJAM contributor, John technically got me into the figures world some time ago when he gave me a Fate Stay Night figure for my birthday, with my latest acquisition I think I’m delving in for good. This most recent figure is one of Shakugan no Shana’s Shana in a fighting pose clad in a green school outfit. I loved the show so when another friend of mine Andrea said she’d be willing to give me the figure I was quite giddy. This weekend at ConNooga she brought me the Shana figure, and still now I’m quite happy. My only question I guess is what would I like to get next.

(See my Shakugan no Shana Season 1 Review)


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