Zippy Lately (Feb. 15 – Feb. 21, 2010)

1. Samurai High School

Samurai High School reminded me once again that with anime and J-dramas, what seems silly on the outside can still have very serious, emotionally stirring messages on the inside. The premise of a Japanese high school student being occasionally possessed by a samurai would say otherwise, but hey that’s part of the magic! Samurai High School is simply awesome, stars one of my favorite J-actors, and really just wins all around. Watch it!

2. The Dorama Encyclopedia

Seems I get to discuss J-dramas twice this week! Well instead of a specific drama though I’d like to mention a terrific reference I picked-up for J-drama fans, The Dorama Encyclopedia. The book is just as a you’d imagine a compendium of information about J-dramas. I love the content, the writing is amusing, and there are sidebar notes that are quite insightful. My only problem with the book is that it’s dated and really only covers J-dramas in and before 2002. That being said the internet can fill in the gaps certainly, yet for J-drama fans this book remains a must.

3. ConNooga

I’m usually a busy person anyways however this week, and weekend in particular, I’m going to be overwhelmed! Why? Well it’s time for ConNooga ’10, Chattanooga’s multi-fandom convention! Normally cons, especially local cons, are pretty lax but I’m Anime Director this year and between myself and my multitude of awesome volunteers we’ve got big plans, which requires equal amounts of work and effort to pull it all off. I’m pysched but still I know come Monday I’ll be dreadfully tired.


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