I wish! I hope! I want! (2/11/10)

Fans have their grateful moments, taking in all the good things given to them appreciatively, but at the same time there are moments that fans get greedy and we just want stuff so badly! Whether it’s a game to be released sooner, or a sequel to be created, or often enough a title to be brought over to the US, these are all desires that the fan will experience on multiple occasions. I wish! I hope! I want! will be my on again off again piece where I say to the world desires my fellow fans share and those most selfish of wants, my own.

I wish! – That companies wouldn’t just cut off anime series in the middle when the manga continues on. Trinity Blood, Air Gear, D-Gray Man, and so many others I am talking to you! Sure I realize the cost for making an anime is much more expensive, and I’ll also admit shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, and Ouran High School Host Club prove satisfying anime experiences can exist with abridged stories; however, this is my wish and that is what I wish for.

I hope! – That both the manga Doubt and Judge, the latter still in progress, are licensed over here in the US. While the anime When They Cry failed largely due to Geneon’s collapse, I think the manga has eclipsed the anime’s success, and that Doubt and Judge would do well enough to stand on their own and sell well here. Even though it’s certainly disturbing fair, I think Doubt would be just accessible enough to get a broader range of folks reading it. Since When They Cry’s manga can still be sold unwrapped in some stores maybe Doubt could too? Who knows right now but hopefully both Doubt and Judge can be brought over so we can find out.

I want! – Library War to be brought over to the US in every form possible. I absolutely love Full Metal Panic in all forms, and Library Wars gave me the same feeling. Thus I want Library War in all forms, novels, manga, and especially the anime which has been released and fan subbed. I think this title would be popular for librarians to pick-up, since it’s probably Teen or even Young Teen reading level, and of course it’s about fighting for the sanctity and preciousness of the written word! That’s like giving librarians extra-meaning in their positions. Not to mention the story is awesome. Did I mention it’s like Full Metal Panic? Yeah I really want Library Wars to come on over to the US.


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  1. My want is happening! In the latest issue of Otaku USA, I just read that VIZ is publishing the manga Library Wars: Love and War Vol. 1, which I believe is the original manga for Library Wars. 😀 I’m so excited!!!

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