Review: Miyavi – Miyaviuta-Dokuso (2006)

Hello out there!  Today I am going to be educating you on the cd “Miyaviuta-Dokuso” by one of the hottest J-rock singers (and one of my personal favorites) Miyavi!  For practical purposes, I have picked three songs to focus on.  I figured that since there are twelve songs, it would make the whole process much easier since this is my first cd review.  So enough with the intro, come join me in fangirly J-rock bliss!

I will start by saying that I think Miyavi wanted you to dance while listening to this cd.  After the first few songs, I felt like I had to get up and move and actually started cleaning!  (There are only three or four slow songs on this entire cd which helps to further support my theory).  His songs (even the slow ones) are upbeat, and have a bluesy sound mixed with rock and roll.  His singing voice is just the slightest bit scratchy which sounds even better with the music.  On top of that, he is an amazingly gifted guitar player, something you learn very quickly by listening to his music.

The very first song is an instrumental song called “Jiko Ai , Jiganjisan, Jiishiki Kajou”.  I wish I could tell you what it means, but after hours and hours of research I was not able to find the English translation.  What I can tell you is what I liked about this song, and that is what I like to call “guitar drumming” or “guitar slapping”.  This is where no actual music is being played, but the strings are flicked and the guitar is “slapped” at the same time to create a beat.  I love the way it sounds together, and fortunately for me Miyavi uses this technique at least once in all his songs.  It’s the shortest song on this album, but it still rocks!

I noticed while looking at the track listing for this cd a song called “Kimi ni Funky Monkey Vibration”.  Now, if that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will!  So of course I had to listen to it, and I wasn’t disappointed!  There was more bluesy guitar, and lots more drumming of guitars!  I tried to look up the translation for this song as well and all I could find was “Funky Monkey Vibrations to you”.  Judging from the lyrics, it’s just a silly song about liking someone and he’s saying, “What else can I do? Funky Monkey Vibrations to you”.  I’ll agree that it doesn’t make the most sense, but it’s a fun song and I absolutely love the title!

My favorite song by far though would have to be “Selfish Love – Aishitekure Aishiteru Kara” which is translated to mean “Love me because I love you” which is, infact, selfish love.  See how that works?  I thought that was pretty witty and made of awesome.   To be fair, I fell in love with this song before I ever knew about the cd.  I was watching random videos on YouTube and the video for this song came up as a suggestion.  I knew once I saw the opening guitar solo (which incidentally turned out to be the first song on this cd, “Jiko Ai, Jiganjisan, Jiishiki Kajou”) I knew I was hooked.  The actual song also has its own guitar solo, with more of that cool awesome guitar drumming.  I seriously cannot get enough of that stuff!  The video is really awesome on its own too, because he’s playing on a stool in a puddle of water and tapping his bare feet to the beat and splashing water everywhere.  Yeah.  Totally awesome. 

The one thing I can say that I didn’t like about the cd was on the track “Jiko Shijou Shugisha no Nare no Hate”.  This is listed as an instrumental song, which to me usually just means only music.  Well, it starts out as guitar and drums, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere he starts screaming and yelling then freestyling over the music.  I guess I’m being picky but I just didn’t like the way it sounded together.  The music itself was great, but definitely could have stood on its own much better without the added vocals.

Overall, I absolutely loved this album.  I would definitely recommend it and possibly even tie people down and force them to listen to it.  Ok, ok, so maybe not THAT but I will tell you that you should go and listen to it right now.  If you like blues inspired rock and roll and scratchy vocals (and lots of guitar drumming!) you will definitely be hooked on this cd, guaranteed.

I give it 5 strums out of 5.


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