10 Changes ‘Anime’ Would Make to the Super Bowl

  1. Cheerleaders would be dressed as bunny girls.
  2. Players would each have a mech.
  3. Every call by the ref would be done after an extensive costume transformation sequence.
  4. After every error the player would get hit by a fan, courtesy of their significant other.
  5. The weak kid would be Quarterback (QB) but rally the team with emotional strength.
  6. The QB would also be possessed by the soul of a famous QB from long past.
  7. Games would run in 30 minute segments with only 1 or 2 plays made in that time.
  8. Half time shows would consist of battle royales; the cheap seats would not be spared.
  9. All stadium names would have the prefix “neo-” because after every game they’re destroyed.
  10. In reality, they’d likely be playing soccer. Who are we kidding? Eyeshield 21 is an anomaly.

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