A young, old Otaku and rising Aniblogger

Guest Writer: Sanjo-chan

I’ve been in the geek game for a long time… let’s say since the days of the Sega Genesis and SNES. But that was when I was 3 years old! My very first game was Mortal Kombat for the Genesis. A very controversial game, even by today’s standards. I didn’t get into RPGs until much later; the same goes for Anime. The first thing that I was into that was remotely Japanese at all was Power Rangers. That show was so amazing that even the kids around the block were into it.

Not only was I into Power Rangers, but a few other Sentai (Power Ranger-ish shows) that came along the way in the mid 90s: Super Human Samurai Syber Squad and VR Troopers were awesome shows as well. I was a big fan of Samurai Syber Squad (aka Gridman in Japan)… it was a shame it lasted 2 Seasons. (Even back then, my friends who were hardcore Power Ranger fans had negative, late-2000s fanboy style opinions of both shows).

Fast forward to 1999—the golden age of Anime to many. Let’s see… Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and Sailor Moon a lot of the kids were into. For me, I took a slice of Pokemon and a slab of DBZ. Yes, it has been 10 years since I’ve been an Otaku (maybe longer). I was a Pokemon kid at heart, but I’m especially fond of DBZ. (Thanks, Toonami!)

As my knowledge of Anime grew, I dedicated my spare time to explore parts of the Internet that would later inspire me to run my own website. I eventually started a few blogs to record my experiences playing Online Games such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft. As destiny would have it, I eventually turn the two blogs into one along with opinions of Anime and Manga, called “CEN.TAKU.ME” (http://centakume.info): roughly meaning “The Center of Otakudom, Anime and Games”.

CEN.TAKU.ME has been running since July 2007, and is still going strong, despite little “controversy” with how it started; apparently, hardcore Hikikomori (read: an Anime watching couch potato) do not like the sight of Orcs and Elves…or visa-versa. While the old MMORPG articles are a bit in the way of other Otaku content, that doesn’t stop potential readers from checking out what the blog has to offer: Anime and Game reviews, news, and opinion pieces. (Isn’t that how BBAMAJAM got started? ^_^)

Outside of blogging, I do attend Anime conventions, as well as Cosplay. The first Anime convention I went to was Anime Reactor 2003 (now known as the “Reactor”) in Rosemont, IL. It was a first year convention, which was pretty convenient for me as a beginner’s convention. Later I attended Anime Central (which is a block down from where Reactor was held) in ’04, ’05, and ’06, respectively.

My obsession with Anime cons came to an halt when our family moved to Chattanooga, TN-which is in the center of the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (in Nashville) and Anime Weekend Atlanta, which I finally got to attend this year! I also went to JAMPcon in 2008, which was too a first year con (that was like a restart button for me personally since moving to the area).

I don’t Cosplay too much, but I’ve previously went as Pan (Dragonball GT at ACen ’04), Vash (Trigun at ACen ’06), Rukia Kuchiki (JAMPcon ’08) and Toushiro Hitsugaya (AWA ’09) (both from Bleach). Cosplay is a very fun experience, if only I had more money to do them all…

Enough of my novel. To wrap things up: I’m an young, but old Otaku in terms of being exposed to many things that I did not know were Anime-related until years later. Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Dragonball Z (after all these years) are my favorite Anime series. I’m also a sucker for Mobile Suit Gundam—the first series from 1979 (Bright Slap, for the win!), but it was thanks to Gundam Wing that I got into Gundam at all. 

Being a gamer (obviously), I’m also a fan of Final Fantasy (most especially X), Kingdom Hearts, and the Metal Gear Solid series. There are other games I could mention, but there’s so many of them to go over—even some I missed out on that are, thankfully, getting re-releases via digital downloads.

And as far as music goes… Yes, I listen to Japanese Music! SOUL’d OUT, T.M. Revolution, L’arc-en-Ciel, The Pillows to name a few favorites. But lately, I’ve found myself abandoning J-Music in favor for Korean Music: Rain, Big Bang, DBSK, Seo Tai-ji, and BoA are samples of what I like (and that would take a post or two to explain them all).

Yes, that’s all about me—for now. Maybe I’ll turn this into an autobiography.


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