Zippy Lately (Feb. 1 – Feb. 7, 2010)

1. God of Study

You’ll discover very quickly that I am definitely a fanatic for Asian dramas. So this is sort of a momentous occasion for myself, because while I’ve watched various Asian films, 1 Hong Kong drama, and a plethora of Japanese dramas, I’ve never sat down to watch a Korean drama, aka K-drama.  Thanks to Kym from the BBAMAJAM club I’ve been growing to appreciate the Korean pop scene, and thanks to I’ve learned more then I ever wanted to know. That being said, I kept hearing lately about this K-drama called “God of Study”, that features tons of music from IN artists in the Korean scene, as well as featuring famous K-scene stars in the cast. While that alone didn’t totally grab me, the similarities to one of my favorite J-drama, manga, and anime of all times, Great Teacher Onizuka, was just too much so I decided I’d give it a shot.

2. Deadman Wonderland

For most of my otaku career I’ve been playing catch-up with those who started years before me in the fandom. For anime this is still true, but with manga as I’ve ventured more and more into the world of online scanlations (for better or worse) I’ve found some excellent titles that far too often aren’t brought over to the US market! Thankfully Deadman Wonderland will not be one of those titles since Tokyopop has licensed it and is releasing it Feb. 2nd, 2010! (Thanks Tokyopop!) With a mix of Eureka Seven styling, Fullmetal Alchemist level violence, and an awesomeness all its own, Deadman Wonderland is certainly a title to pick-up. You can bet as soon as I do there’ll be a review too (maybe from a couple of us) so stay tuned for that as well.

3. Japanese ‘Glee’ Commercials

Japanator first led me to these awesome tidbits of the internet, and I must say I completely agree that indeed these promos are probably the best thing ever! Don’t worry about having watched Glee to get these videos because while that’s an added bonus it’s not required for the good times you’ll have. ^_^ If you’re still worried just take note of this Japanator reader’s comment: jetjaguar “I don’t like Glee. I don’t like sumo wrestling. I don’t like FOX. But apparently, I do like them all at the same time.” Well spoken but hey see it to believe it right? Well check the videos out below!


One comment

  1. Yay! As of 2/03 two more subbed eps. of "God of Study" are available. 😀 Too bad I won’t be able to watch them till probably tomorrow I’m guessing. Still exciting though!

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