Ohayo from Zippy!

So much of a blog’s success relies not only on the topics covered but also the personality of the bloggers themselves. I can tell you I’ll be covering Asian rock & pop music, Asian dramas, some anime series, and any cool and topical news bits that I find, but without a little background from myself and my own initial immersion into fandom I fear our relationship will be all too distant.  So let me take this post and introduce you to my own personal path to otakudom.

Growing up geeky with a now ancient apple computer at age 3, I seemed to have a knack for technology.  I loved building websites, TI-83 programming, and all things technology. That said the likelihood of me being a Japanophile really was pretty high; however, for me it certainly wasn’t obvious at the time.

Like many in my generation I grew up watching Toonami, and with that I was introduced to Dragonball Z. At the time though, I never really equated the show with Japan and Japanese anime. Instead it was just a fun action show to watch after a long day at school. So while I watched much of Z, I never felt the need to search out other programming of its type. Anime was still unfamiliar to me.

That was until my brother purchased in 2003 “Princess Mononoke” one of Hayao Miyazaki’s many acclaimed works. At the time, I wrote a non-plussed review stating the movie was “different, but not bad”. Some time would still pass before I could truly watch “Princess Mononoke” for what it is – a Miyazaki classic. Even then though I had only begun to discover anime.

College was the ultimate launching pad for my otakudom. This is where I first learned of OVA’s such as Samurai X (Kenshin), dark, introspective films such as Jin-Roh, and the mastery of Satoshi Kon’s direction and story telling through “Perfect Blue”. My world was expanded further as my good friend and sensei in otakudom introduced me to Shonen Jump series Naruto and Bleach, Bones produced series Fullmetal Alchemist and Eureka Seven, and modern CGI interpretations of classics such as Samurai 7. This friend also introduced me to J-Pop/J-Rock not just as something which could prelude a great anime but also as something that could stand on its own as great music.

Since that time some years ago now, I’ve discovered manga (and own already too many titles), been introduced to a seemingly immeasurable amount of anime series, and developed my own ear for J-Rock/J-Pop to the point where I now host a weekly 2-hour live J-Rock/J-Pop web show. I’ve also become a frequent anime cons attendee, having gone to 10 now, and I have even become an upper level staffer at JAMPcon 10 my local con.

In many ways, like most of my interests in life I hit the ground running and I truly have never stopped trying to expand my fandom even more.  I hope to carry this energy into my blog posts and other articles I write for the site, and hopefully, if you share my interest and energy, you can help be a collaborative part of the site, as you help myself and our other fine bloggers by providing feedback to our posts, suggesting ideas for topics to write about, and otherwise just helping expand our world to the fullest! I know we cannot cover every topic, but what I hope to do with my blog is to cover what’s exciting and what’s new, in J-Rock/J-Pop, J-Dramas, and more, by relying on my own background in fandom, as well as taking leaps of faith into the world of the new.

So please I invite you to read on as we explore this crazy otaku world together!


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