Con Report – AWA 2009 Day 1 Part 2

After my quick recharge at the hotel, it was time for more AWA fun.  I met up with some friends, and we went to sit in on some Totally Lame Anime.  The concept for that panel is…well…you watch some totally lame anime.  Horrible animation, dubbing, storyline…anything to make you laugh and groan in pain.  And that’s what my group did.  After an hour of hilarious torture, it was time for us to split up and head for other panels.

My half of the group decided to go check out one of AWA’s adult panels.  First up was the History Of panel.  Despite the late start, it was an informative and entertaining panel.  Surprising facts and extremely out-there video clips kept the crowd engaged.  But really, this was just the warm-up for the full-fledged adult panel that was up next.

I must say, there’s nothing like sitting in a room full of people and laughing at adult material. As if the videos weren’t amusing enough, the crowd added their own commentary, yelling out jokes left and right.  Our hostess played it up too, making her own comments and giving out some interesting prizes.  Amid laughter and shocked reactions, the time flew by, and it was time to head back to the hotel. My room had a late-night snack, a quick review of our day and our plans for tomorrow, and then it was time for a few hours of sleep.


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