Con Report – AWA 2009 Day 1

Day 1 of AWA is halfway over, and I’ve finally found a free hour to type up a report.  There’s just so much to do!

For starters, coming down on Thursday was a great idea.  We didn’t have to rush to make it down here in time for anything, and we didn’t miss out on anything while waiting in the registration line.  Plus, it gave us an entire night to pore over the schedule and debate where we would all be.  I would highly recommend it for everyone when it comes time for next year’s AWA.

So what do do first at AWA?  Go do the dealer’s room, of course.  And after a small wait to make it inside, that’s just what I did.  There is such an impressive selection this year!  It was great for me, but not so much for my wallet.  I walked out of there with 3 Kingdom Hearts t-shirts, a Bankai Toshiro figurine, 2 Code Geass art books, a Gurren Lagann art book, and a Persona:  Trinity Soul art book.  It was everything I was specifically looking for, and more.  Now I just have to keep myself from buying anything else for the rest of the weekend.  Not fun at all.

After my shopping spree, it was time for autographs!  Vic Mignogna was first in my sights, since he was already going with an unscheduled autograph session.  Sadly, I had left most of the stuff I was getting him to sign in the room, but I still had my Fullmetal Alchemist OVA sleeve.  So after waiting an hour in line, I finally made it up to the front to meet Vic.  There was the usual small talk, the signing, and that was that.  Vic is a great, friendly guy, and always a blast to meet.

Next up was Troy Baker!  Immediately after leaving Vic’s line, I hopped into Troy’s.  This line was moving much faster, so I made it to the front in about 5 minutes.  I’m pleased to report that Troy is friendly as well, and a really goofy guy.  Jokes, accents, and fun comments about his characters…he kept me laughing.  And I came prepared for this signing, so Troy graciously signed 4 things for me.  So I went over the 2 item limit…oops!

Caitlin Glass was my next target, but I had 30 minutes to kill before her session.  So it was time for a quick trip back to the hotel room, to drop off my increasingly weighty shopping bags and refuel with a quick bottle of water.  Feeling lighter and refreshed, I headed back into the field, steering clear of the dealer’s tables and heading straight for the autograph line.  I had a 45 minute wait this time, so I scanned the crowd for some familiar figures.  My favorite has to be the Cheetara I saw.  For those of you lacking 80s cartoon knowledge, she’s from Thundercats.  Go check it out.  Anyway…after my wait, I found myself face-to-face with Caitlin Glass.  She started talking to me, and images of animated characters flashed in my head.  Her voice is just so recognizable!  After a quick chat about her Sharpie collection, my items were signed and I was on my way.

Food came next.  Chinese, to be exact.  And now here I am, typing up my report, reflecting on the day so far, and gearing myself up for tonight.  Today was my day for knocking out a bunch of specific goals.  I got everything done and then some!  It’s a good feeling to be ahead of the game, because I know I can relax to night and enjoy myself.  For those of you that are here, I hope you’re having as much as I am.  For those that couldn’t make it this year, I hope you’re enjoying the reports, and I hope you can join us next year.

Stay tuned for more AWA reports coming soon!


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